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Welcome to Bixby do Sea Eh.

This page is just a placeholder that will control access to the various places I use for the website. I basically set this up to be a place for our Discussion Forums and later decided to add the Blog section. I have now added a section for BixCON.

Discussion Forums (Member Only)
The Discussion Forums are closed to the public. They are set up for family and friends, if you fit in one of those two groups, you are welcome to join.

Blog - Bixby's Bevy of Banality
Just a place for me to jot down my random thoughts and spew a stream of consciousness that is pertinent to me at the moment.

BixCON - Life is Short; Play Games!
A place to consolidate and organize information pertaining the the BixCON series of events.

Version 2.1 (Updated December 2nd, 2009)